Cod Fish Mosaic

This striking cod fish mosaic with black seaweed


110gm Cod fish

30gm seaweed Pepper

40gm Cucumber

10gm Dill leaves

2gm Salt

3gm Pepper

2pcs Gelatine leaves

3pcs Edible flowers

2gm Microgreens



Slice the fillet into even thin pieces. Transfer them onto a plateau and season them with salt on all sides. wrapping with nori pepper on cod fish. Take some plastic wrap and cover your worktop with 2 layers. Then lay the fish on top of each other on the wrap. Use the beginning of the wrap to roll it tightly. Cook the fish sous-vide at 45 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes. You can also do this in a steam oven. Once it’s cooked, transfer the fish directly into an ice bath. Make sure the fish is completely covered and that you use a generous amount of ice. Let this set in your fridge overnight.


Cut the cucumber and celery into thick slices. Transfer this into a blender with the cleaned shallot, dill leaves with seeds, parsley leaves, and white wine vinegar. Blend until completely smooth. Pour the liquid through a sieve that’s laid with kitchen paper or a clean kitchen towel. Add the Xanthan gum powder and mix this to bind the broth.


For garnish microgreen, edible flower